Why Sean Hannity must be shot.

Posted on August 12, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I picked up Sean Hannity’s book, Let Freedom Ring at the library last week.  I didn’t get it because I think that his closed and politically neurotic mind could come up with anything worthwhile.  I got it because I believe that to really loathe something, you have to understand it.

Within the first 20 pages of his weird manifesto, I had direct quotes to prove that he is not only ridiculously stupid, but has no right to be providing a commentary about America to anyone, much less Americans.

Convservatives are, in his view, shining warriors of truth, defending freedom, justice, and the American dream, not just from international terrorists, but also from teh misguided, misinformed, and generally malproductive lefts.

The war against the savage network of terrorists is more important that any fight for civil rights, poverty, or education.

Terrorists are attacking us because we are everything that is right and good, and they hate us for it.

The Clinton/Gore administration is to blame for September 11th, because they were too focused on gays in the military and washing away their own crimes and sins.

This is just the first chapter.

God forbid we go against the conservative, Judeo-Christian American Dream and actually give two shits about what’s happening to the planet, not on it, and about people in our own damn country.

How much would the people in the Middle East hate us if we had not taken it upon ourselves to draw boundaries, encourage leaders, and train their militaries, all while attempting to prove our own superiority via our “democracy”?

Hannity also says that one part of our freedom is the right to a limited government…and that spy satellites, wire tapping, racial profiling and various other government encouraged or mandated programs that slowly annihalate the freedom of privacy is still somehow aiding in this cause.

Basically, it boils down to this: Americans have the freedom to live the American dream, with all the facade of the beautiful people living beautiful lives, but shouldn’t dare even pretend to care about the lives and thoughts of people who may have different ideas – different dreams – because then you become a threat to the American ideal.

When are people like this going to learn that ideals change…dreams change…the world changes. To stay steadfast in in one ideology, one outdated and outsourced point of view, and then having the arrogance to force it on the rest of the world will not only bring on the demise of the one’s thinking it, but everyone who they use it as a yard stick against.

Therefor, the best thing we can do is put a bullet through the brain of all the idiots who come up with this shit.

Get the picture….the dreaded “left wing liberals” are thinking about the people and the environment and the rights of these because….if they didn’t….who would?


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